Why Trust the Bible?

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Contrary to well-publicized attacks on the Bible in recent years, the Scriptures are every bit as trustworthy as Christians through the centuries have claimed.

What is not reliable is the misinformation presented by its detractors. Why Trust the Bible? dispels popular myths and false arguments with overwhelming evidence from history, archeology, source documents, and more.

Find out why you have powerful, persuasive reasons to believe that the Bible truly is God's inspired Word.

The Bible Basics series helps you find answers to important questions about the Bible. Each book is filled with full-color photos, illustrations, charts, and expert information, all organized in a user-friendly format to help you quickly and easily build your knowledge and understanding of God's Word, the Bible. Bible Basics books are perfect for individual use as well as Bible studies and small groups.

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Features & Details

Features & Details

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Publish Date: Jun 1, 2009
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