The Perfection Deception (DVD)

Exposing Cultural Myths about Beauty

by Day of Discovery

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The Perfection Deception details the pressures women face in a society that judges outward appearance. In contrast, learn God’s definition of true beauty.

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Features & Details

Features & Details

Product Code: DV808
UPC: 07 17336 640632
Media Type: DVD
Runtime: 25-minutes
Publish Date: Apr 14, 2015



Women face unbelievable pressure to measure up to today’s standard of beauty. Society makes women feel that if they aren’t beautiful, they aren’t lovable. That’s a lie. God’s Word tells us we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Deep beauty—God-given beauty—is about real character and finding our identity in Christ.

“Looks can kill—if we base our whole life on looks, it can kill us.  I know that because of my life growing up as a professional model, working all over the world and seeing girls practically kill themselves trying to have the perfect look, the perfect body, the perfect image. But when we find our value in our inner beauty and our worth in more than our looks, I think we can find a beauty that lasts.”         —Jennifer Strickland, former model

The Perfection Deception gets to the heart of true beauty as defined by God. Join several women—a former model, a counselor, authors, and college students—as they discuss the pressure women face to be perfect . . . and the one true place they can find their heart’s desire.