The Four Gospels with Michael Card (4-CDs)

by Michael Card

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Reflect on the life and ministry of Jesus through a musical journey inspired by the New Testament gospels. Written and performed by Michael Card, this collection of more than 40 songs encourages you to grow in your faith and relationship with Jesus.

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Features & Details

Features & Details

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Get unique perspectives on the same story in this 4-CD set! Reflecting on the life of Jesus, this powerful, musical journey highlights some of the different ideas expressed in each of the four New Testament gospels.  You’ll enjoy a more than 40 songs, featuring singer, songwriter, and musician Michael Card. Presenting a blend of soothing instrumentals and vocals, this inspiring music collection includes:

Matthew: The Penultimate Question CD

Some called Him John the Baptist, while others called Him Elijah, Jeremiah or one of the other prophets. This musical portrait of Jesus focuses on His question to the disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”

Song list: This Is Who You Are ᐧ Galilee ᐧ And Dreams ᐧ A Simple House in Galilee ᐧ His Humanity ᐧ The Gift to Believe ᐧ When Did We See You? ᐧ The Kingdom ᐧ ‘Till We’re All Free

Mark: The Beginning of the Gospel CD

Taking a closer look at the non-Jewish followers of Jesus, this collection of songs is inspired by the struggles, suffering, and pain they endured. Through their encounters with Jesus, you’ll find hope, healing, and encouragement to help you deal with situations of fear and uncertainty.

Song list: The Beginning of the Gospel ᐧ Great Wind, Great Calm, Great Fear ᐧ The Service of the Sod ᐧ The Stranger ᐧ At His Feet ᐧ You Walk in Lonely Places ᐧ In His Arms ᐧ The Paradigm ᐧ In Memory of Her Love ᐧ Is It All Over Now

Luke: A World Turned Upside Down CD

No other gospel presents the life of Jesus with such rich detail, literary precision, and thorough research as Luke. Capturing Jesus’ story in the context of a predominantly non-Jewish, educated culture, these creative arrangements focus on how His teachings affect society.

Song list: A World Turned Upside Down ᐧ What Sort of Song? ᐧ A Kin in a Cattle Trough ᐧ Simeon’s Song ᐧ A Little Boy Lost ᐧ The Bridge ᐧ A Breath of a Prayer ᐧ How Much More a Servant Could He Be? ᐧ The Pain and Persistence of Doubt ᐧ Freedom ᐧ Seven Endless Miles

John: A Misunderstood Messiah CD

Unlike the other gospels, John gives insights into Jesus’ relationship with the disciples as well as the Pharisees opposition of His teachings. Through the songs in this collection, you’ll be encouraged to grow stronger in your faith and put your complete trust in Jesus.

Song list: The Bread, The Light, The Life ᐧ Come and See ᐧ The One Who Was Sent ᐧ How Can These Things Be? ᐧ All I’ve Ever Done ᐧ Come to Me and Drink ᐧ Scribbling in the Sand ᐧ Jesus Wept ᐧ One Long Final Walk ᐧ Stranger on the Shore